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Home Measuring Guide

Will it fit?

We want to make sure that the piece of furniture we've handmade for you will fit into your home. So if you feel that access might be an issue and to avoid disappointment on your delivery day, we've pulled together this simple 3 step guide.

One of the most common problems we face when delivering furniture is making sure there is enough space to carry your products through your home to the room of your choice. We know everyone’s home is different and not all stairs are the same. That’s why making sure your chosen bed fits through your doorways and up your stairs could prevent a lot of problems and disappointment on the day of your delivery. Here is a handy guide to make sure your bed will fit into your home.

Step 1: Check product dimensions

Let's start with the bedroom furniture you are interested in ordering. Write down the dimensions of your chosen product.

Width (Wp):

Length (Lp):

Height (Hp):

Depth (Dp):

You can find these product dimensions on every product page. Remember that our beds, divans and ottomans are delivered in parts and assembled by our logistic partners in your room of choice if requested.

Take the widest dimensions of the bed you want to buy and check it will fit comfortably in the space you'd like to put it. Ideally, you'll want at least 24 inches (or 60cm) wide of walking around space on either side of the bed and at its foot.

Tip: Using masking tape, mark out the dimensions of the bed you’d like to buy to see how much space it will take up and how easily you can move around it. It's so much easier to see if you're happy with how big it looks in real life.

Step 2: Check the surroundings

Make sure you allow enough space around your bed - don't forget to take doors, wardrobes and drawers into consideration to ensure your new bed isn't going to block any of them when they're fully open.

Step 3: Check your home

Using the bed's widest dimensions, check it will fit comfortably through all your doorways, hallways and up any stairs without damaging paintwork, ornaments, picture frames or windows. Remember, most premium and firm mattresses can also be quite deep and should not be bent or folded.

Front Door (or point of entry)

Firstly, can the furniture get through the door? Take the narrowest measurement of the inside of the doorframe and the height.

Width (Wd):

Height (Hd):

If the width (Wd) is larger than the height of the product (Hp) or it's depth (Dp), it will go through your front door.

If not, it may go in on its end. If the height of your doorway (Hd) is greater than the width of the product (Wp), then the furniture will go through the point of entry.


Record the narrowest part of the hallway, including obstructions like radiators, pipework or any other potential obstacles that cannot be moved. Also, note the width of any internal doorways on the route to the room of choice

The height of your chosen product (Hp) or its depth (Dp) needs to be less than these measurements.

Width (Wh1):

Internal door width (Wh2):


Take the narrowest measurement Ws, which may be between railings. Also, take the shortest ceiling height, including landing head height.

Width (Ws):

Height (Hs):

As long as the width of the stairs (Ws) is greater than the height of your chosen product (Hp), we should be able to get upstairs. If we need to lift the furniture over any bannisters, ensure the distance between the railings and ceiling is higher than the products depth Dp.

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